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    Independent graduate student

    We are always interested in taking on students that have their own funding. Please contact me if you are interested in applying for funding for a studentship to work with me. Funding bodies for PhDs wanting to come and study in the UK: NSERC (Canada) FRQNT (Quebec) JSON (Australia) Common wealth scholarships/here for the specifics about UK (for any developing Commonwealth country) Fulbright Scholarships or British Marshall Scholarships (USA)

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    Getting arbitrary week numbers into calendar

    University of Essex uses week numbers starting with the first week of term for timetabling. Many people here use a three step translation process, from week number, to date and then to entering into their diary. Here is a google calendar of University of Essex week numbers for 2014. ical, xml or html It was created usingArbitrary week number generator for ical compatible calendars

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    Finding articles

    I have grown accustomed to accessing any article through the university suscription easily through google scholar integration, even from home using VPN. However, not all universities have the same level of subscriptions or network access and I have now been forced to understand why I receive so many emails requesting reprints. Contacting the corresponding author does have advantage the advantage that you get to see whom is reading your articles and possibly even forge new relationships. And sometimes the only way if you can’t/don’t want to pay extortionary publisher access fees, there are a few other options: 1. Use library subscription integration Go to settings > library links > search…

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    How to choose a journal

    If your research is not cool or hip enough for the journals in the higher stratospheres of academic publishing (aka the triumvir Nature, Science, PNAS and maybe a few field specific journals such as Ecology Letters), choosing a journal can be a real conundrum. If you are adventurous, you could flip the whole thing on its head and let journals choose your article, through peer-review services such as PeerageOfScience or use pre-print services, some of which integrate with journals (eg. PeerJ), to get feedback. Things to balance in the choice of a journal: Fit: An easy trick to guess fit is to pick the journal most represented in your bibliography (this may…

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    Finding a job

    Finding a job almost inevitably involves searching through a ton of job postings. This focuses on academic jobs in ecology and evolution, but might be useful for people in other fields.  I describe how to aggregate job postings from a variety of sources.  For advice on how to get the jobs you have found, here is a post from Dynamic Ecology linking to a number of sites with valuable advice. Chances are good that somewhere in the world there is a perfect job for you. The two main difficulties are: Jobs are advertised in a haphazard way across the internet Job opening are only available for a relatively short amount…