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I have grown accustomed to accessing any article through the university suscription easily through google scholar integration, even from home using VPN. However, not all universities have the same level of subscriptions or network access and I have now been forced to understand why I receive so many emails requesting reprints. Contacting the corresponding author does have advantage the advantage that you get to see whom is reading your articles and possibly even forge new relationships. And sometimes the only way if you can’t/don’t want to pay extortionary publisher access fees, there are a few other options:

1. Use library subscription integration

Go to settings > library links > search for Essex and we are listed (see screenshot below) > tick the box next to University of Essex and that’s it.

Next to available articles, you will see if the PDF is available in the university subscriptions.

This service is only available within the University network.  A post to come on how to access the University network from home.

2. Use advanced search in google or the filetype:pdf tag

You can search for the article title using

Google advanced search

Notice that when you do an advanced search, the search field in the results page contains the search tags that where added to your terms.  You can then use these tags to do search directly in the google search field.

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