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Finding a job

Finding a job almost inevitably involves searching through a ton of job postings.

This focuses on academic jobs in ecology and evolution, but might be useful for people in other fields.  I describe how to aggregate job postings from a variety of sources.  For advice on how to get the jobs you have found, here is a post from Dynamic Ecology linking to a number of sites with valuable advice.

Chances are good that somewhere in the world there is a perfect job for you. The two main difficulties are:

  1. Jobs are advertised in a haphazard way across the internet
  2. Job opening are only available for a relatively short amount of time.

So one must collate this dispersed data and constantly be on the lookout.

My approach to the problem has been to use Feedly to aggregate posting from RSS feeds for jobs. Posts can rapidly be marked as read or added to your favorites for further investigation (on your cellphone or tablet while drinking coffee or on your way to work).

  • feeds can be created for sites that lack them with page2rss
  • feeds can be created from listservs using emails2rss

To get familiar with feedly or on youtube.


At least in North America, ESA’s ecolog-l mailing list is still the main venue.

I have converted this mailing list to an RSS feed using emails2rss:

ESA also has a board Physiological Ecology Section for faculty and for postocs positions.

In the UK, provides a steady stream of jobs that can be related to ecology with the following RSS feeds:

  • Ecology
  • Carbon, Climate & Energy
  • Conservation & Wildlife
  • Environmental Education
  • more feeds are available on and specific searches can be used to create a custom RSS feed.

Le Centre d’Écologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive (CEFE) provides a number of RSS feeds:

  • CEFE offres d’emplois
  • CEFE Offres de thèses – Post-doc
  • CEFE Colloques conferences


In evolution, EvolDir is the main legacy posting board.

RSS feeds for EvolDir were created using page2rss:

  • EvolDir Jobs
  • EvolDir PostDocs
  • EvolDir Grad Student Positions
  • EvolDir Conferences
  • EvolDir Workshops


  • Nature Jobs can create an RSS feed for custom searches
  • As can Science Careers
  • Academic Job listing